Wake up! Your brother is almost ready!
Hurry up! Your brother is waiting in the car!
C'mon! Beep! Beep!
Late again?
It's my brother! He oversleeps and makes me arrive late...


Turn off the tv

Turn off the tv and finish your work!
But it's an educational programme...
I don't believe "Dr. House" counts as educational...
I am learning new ways to twist my students minds... Uh! "Hell's Kitchen" certainly counts for teachers' education.
Go back to work!


Isn't that beautiful?

The NAD+ gets the electron and becomes NADH that takes them to the mitochondria membrane proteins carriers which pumps protons and delivers the electrons to the O2 to make H2O...
Isn't that beautiful?
I think I'm having a stroke...


Bad news

I have bad news. Yesterday I fell from my bike... but these are not the bad news... bad news are... I marked the test after the fall in pain and bad mood... here they are...