Who and Why


TeacherCláudio Patto and Rodrigo Chaves first created the High School Comics in January 2009 to illustrate school life through the eyes of a teacher. Every body knows school is a quite unique place but we usually think on it through our experience as students. Well, teachers also have their stories and their experience.

Rodrigo Chaves is a visual artist and cartoonist. He runs the Contratempos Modernos cartoon site, where you can also find the High School Comics strips in Portuguese. He created the characters and draw the strips for the first four years.

Cláudio Patto is a biologist and teacher. Guess where he gets the ideas to write the script for the High School Comics? But, he warns that any resemblance to reality is a simple coincidence. But, on the rare occasions real life inspired a strip, names and  physical resemblance have been modified.


Cláudio: well, because the stories are there. It is almost impossible to leave a classroom without an idea. Sometimes it is almost irresistible not to give the joke away even during the lessons…

Rodrigo: we have all been students, so everybody knows their side. But now we’re bringing the teacher’s side of the story.

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